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Collapse Board MinutesBoard Minutes
County Board minutes April 13 2023.PDF
County Board minutes April 18 2023.PDF
County Board minutes March 9 2023.PDF
Collapse Committee Meeting MinutesCommittee Meeting Minutes
Collapse Legislative CommitteeLegislative Committee
January 17th 2023 Legislative Committee Meeting Minutes.docx
4-18-2023 Legislative Committee Meeting Minutes.pdf
5-16-2023 Legislative Committee Meeting Minutes pdf.pdf
Budget Committee minutes May 22 2023.PDF
Corrected Legislative minutes March 14 2023.PDF
Farm Committee minutes May 22 2023.PDF
Finance committee minutes April 11 2023.pdf
June 6 2023 Finance Committee Meeting Minutes.pdf
Legislative Committee Minutes April 18 2023.PDF
March 30 2023 budget committee minutes.pdf
May 4th Legislative Committee Meeting Minutes.pdf
Public Safety committee minutes April 6 2023.pdf
Public Safety Committee minutes June 1 2023.pdf
Road and Bridge special minutes May 19 2023.PDF
Road and Bridge Special Committee meeting minutes April 18 2023.pdf
Road and Bridge special meeting minutes May 26 2023.PDF
Collapse Needs OrganizingNeeds Organizing
Co Board stuff.PDF
Collapse Ordinance and ResolutionsOrdinance and Resolutions
Board agenda minutes 2023.PDF
Liquor Ordinance.PDF
Resolution 2021-47 (2).PDF
Shelby Co Travel Ord 10-13-22.PDF
Shelby County Ethics Ordinance.PDF
Shelby County Sexual Harrassment Ordinance.PDF
Collapse Scheduled AgendasScheduled Agendas
Budget committee meeting agenda May 22 2023.pdf
County Board agenda April 13 2023.pdf
County Board agenda June 8 2023.pdf
County Board agenda May 11 2023.pdf
County Board amended agenda June 8 2023.pdf
County Board Emergency Agenda April 18 2023.PDF
Farm Committee meeting agenda May 22 2023.pdf
Finance committee agenda 4-6-2023.pdf
Finance committee agenda June 6 2023.pdf
Finance committee agenda May 9 2023.pdf
Legislative Committee Agenda April 18 2023.pdf
Legislative Committee Agenda May 16 2023.pdf
Legislative Committee Agenda May 4 2023.pdf
Public Safety committee agenda June 1 2023.PDF
Public Safety Committee agenda May 4 2023.pdf
Road and Bridge Committee Special Meeting April 18 2023.pdf
Collapse Scheduled MeetingsScheduled Meetings
2023 County Board Meeting Schedule.pdf
Road and Bridge Agenda_May 19th 2023 (special meeting).pdf
Road and Bridge committee special meeting May 26 2023.PDF